Day39 – A day in our house by the sea

Day39 - A day in our house by the sea

I woke up to the seagulls and the sound of the sea roaring in the background as the big waves lashed against the rocks just below the house . We got up one by one Sam and Alice joined us last night and we went for an amble around the harbour . I managed to walk there with little difficulty and that gave me confidence that I can be independent for the holiday to go and get provisions myself , no wheelchair yet !!!

We walked along the pier and watched the waves roaring below and stepped down to the beach with little peddles of a hundred colours all compressed together over millions of years of waves making them smooth and soft . What an amazing world we live in …

Yes, I did get frustrated as I couldn’t share the beauty around me spontaneously … Helen was beside me most of the day and I so wanted to speak to her as we used to … Express thoughts , emotions , banter but my thoughts are imprisoned. Yes, I can use I pad but not in the sun and it’s hard when you are walking around. We ate ice cream and have leant to how eat it now without it getting stuck to the roof of my mouth , my fingers must do the job of my tongue occasionally. We met Alice and Sam and had a real good time crabbing. Alice is such fun and knows how to get the best of life as she bought crabbing stuff and a kite and we all joined with her fun.

In the evening Rachel and Tony arrived with there almost grown up son and his friends and Marks brother and his girlfriend … They all chatted away but I couldn’t join in so I decided I would cook for them as I can be a part of the evening . So I cooked for 12 with great help from Betsey , Alice and Rachel who were all remarkable commis chefs !!!! We celebrated Helen’s birthday with a cake and a happy birthday which I couldn’t sing !!! but we made a good night for her . We ended the night we wii sports with Betsey , Sam and Alice , as I was sat watching them I was having such pleasure just being in their company and to hear their laughter and enjoyment . I don’t have much energy to for wii sports now and after a few games I was exhausted but I can still find pleasure from the simple things of the today … The waking up to the waves, the pebbles , cooking for others , organising a birthday cakes and watching people special have fun.


3 thoughts on “Day39 – A day in our house by the sea

  1. Lindsay – what a beautiful day you had, surrounded by people you love and who love and nurture you. Makes me excited for our beach holiday that begins in another two weeks. Roz and I send big hugs.

  2. What a lovely post – your writing is so descriptive, I could almost smell the sea air. You are an amazing woman – no wonder you are loved and cherished by friends and family.

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